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petek, 11. junij 2010

Call to Mysticism

Modern man has almost every matter and way to eventually get what he can hold, touch, see or hear even feel. Everything was peronalized at first, then it got explenations and have transformed to various objects and theories.

One thing is standing outside the reach and that is mysticism, something to belive, higher ups and hopes. Holy to unholy beings, power beyond our grasp, so to speak. What you don't understand person makes it different and almost alien like... Things that are frankly logical but with no sence of explanations are changing and twisting our fabric of logic and thinking. We're subdue to this belives from ages of mankind. But what is true and what it fake like a mare trick - magician use.

People are let to belive that they're guided by some force, something that keeps you alive, makes your body going and moving, what is that heat we have in our arms, what is the allseeing third eye doing there, why we see things and hear which are not there, is it mental damage or really something everyone can experience? This is not even a right question to put and thoughts to wonder, meaning the one who's asking these questions are people with too much time and not really being afraid to survive or to live in the moment. These are logical things which we make them complicated so much, we crown someone as Divine beings for it. Or we're fooled by some guru, which makes simplicity of tricks into something powerful that people belives drugs their minds to the point of reaching that higher state of body, spirit and also mind.

Modern people are oftenly running to the belives of supernatural and beyond imagination, devine calls,... however you put it, its the time people are doubting in their on creations because it doesn't make bad things to go away, it makes new bad things which evolve and crawl beneath your skin. People are looking for saviours, really now Why is that so?

Aren't we evolved enough to understand that what we do is evolving but we're still the same? We need saviour to help us, to destroy us, to bring us to higher state, to make death something not to be feared off? - saviour or destroyer? - aren't we doing that splendit job without some mystical interventions? - or do we have mystical interventions doings that things, or is just us? - Food for thoughts.

There is mysticism, but its not like a weapon to be willed or controled, its not even so unlogical and mystic.

sobota, 17. april 2010


How is it to feel complete, how to achieve that state of mind which hunts us down trough very end of our lives. Time given to us can't compare to bigger picture we want to see. Being perfect for youself is a constant battle that you face, being accepted by others and yourself is like a competition that roams in your head. Thinking sideways that you don't care, that you are already perfect are illusions of your defensive mechanism which everyone create on their own. More you say that you're perfect more you try to hide the fact how shallow and vulnerable you really are. More you pretend you don't care worse it gets. Instead of loving life and living beings around you, you grow colder to them eventually you're left alone by yourself pretending to have friends and people that care for you. But if you don't put any efford in feeding the bonds, they will eventually parish. Its already quite common sense that without others you wouldn't be what you are.

Being whole in this tearing world which is being missled by differences of yesterday instead of creating something for bigger picture of tomorrow. People are people, its going to be hard for everyone to change perspective, feel really great about themselves, to feel near perfect (not saying that). Easy wishes like money, things, people you want to have to own, are they really a path for you, to say that you feel greatness in you?

We created our own path, meaning thorns are just broken glass and dirt that we left behind, and others left behind for us to walk on. Its the fact that we hide behind fake desiers and feeling great and selfish all the time and the worse thing is people doesn't really understand that whatever they do they do it for themselvs.

ponedeljek, 22. marec 2010

Interlude: Time STOP!

Things are like they are, people moving around like undying big wheal keep spining, doing whatever are they doing... How many time did people thought with their selfish desire to get greater, bigger, smarter, more important,... better?

It doesn't matter if we're talking about the things we own, we create, we spin around, spiritual or material world, we always want to evolve, and that is right. Its working for us, its working for everyone. Every plant and animal are created the same way, to get better, to grow faster towards the sun, to be more efficient for hunt or collecting food... or to create better and more confortable place to live in. We feed the monster we created, and its working for us. And there I listen that the biggest wish of every scientist which has some sense of techonology wants to create an object to use and produce his own energy altho people dont STOP! and see that everything around and all is already doing that. Our planet is that same mashine, that scientist want to create so badly. Interesting how something smarter like we tend to be, can't win against this battle yet? Altho if we would learn to STOP! and to look around just for second we'd recieve really, and trully the blessing of everything around.

Time stops, everything is at still, sounds are longer and when you feel that this can't happen it hits you, you can hear voices inside you to move on. Since you are made to do so, but yet that moment you've spend by STOPing you realize that everything around you is made with precision of many years and ages we can't comprehend.

Learn to STOP! and feel this behind, and maybe you'll learn to repsect the bigger image. Its not always YOU whos infront, you're not the only one, see around.

Time STOP!

petek, 12. marec 2010

Cute in kinda funny way...

Well this entry will be totally trivial and much like... girls write it with some extras of my ego power thingy in it. So fallowing things can be misstreated as wrong or untrue, I have just the urge to write this down to bring a simle on 2 people which I know.

Here it goes, let me tell you about 2 of my friends, which I respect and all the shit that comes in the way, so I'll cut the crap how great they are cuse they really aren't but thats just my way of telling that I like them - break your necks you 2.

Boy and a girl, well they've known eachother from like prime school and they've created something that I feel eager to talk about and to laugh about. It's a kinda love/romantic/silly story but anyways, well this boy was more lively then he is now, but he was a chicken expecially when it came to love matters, and the girl was very much sure of her self - well as much as girl can :P
Well anyways, they've got some common attraction that they share and at same time don't want to. Practicly they fit together so fine that they're disgusting, BUT they are and were living lives on their own, regardless the hidden atraction and feelings they've shared. When one was all in open to express feeling the other one just got a new partner, but they both liked eachother, funny thingy (and maybe both have thought about like: If i'd only knew he loves me at that time, I'd be with him for sure... or something in these lines)
Anyways now, that they've grown,... older... not really in their heads, they've spend some time together as friends and in parties showing those hidden feelings to eachother but the very next momment they were like:

"Nooo, no lets stay friends, its better, cuse i have boyfriend... blabla bla" In the line what that means -> *Lets stay friends, *but i Don't want to be just friends geez*"

"I have boyfriend right now, *Damn, why do i have boyfriend, well he nice and all... bla bla bla*"

"Jeah she has a boyfriend right now I can't come between them *but i so like her, wthell? is that* = love idiot"

And there goes the list of reasons which always holds onto excuses, which can be smart and reasonable but hey people you're fighting your nature! You go all sassy when it comes to atraction, its pure biological thingy, which is a furious mix of fermones, hormones and then emotions. So basicly these two are biologicly probably made for eachother but their brains are getting in their ways. AND I bet they'd be happy together, kinda too good to be true like (well but thats just me probably)

However, more you fight this urge, it gets kinda:
1. You have 2 people both have axes.
2. There's a 4m long piece of wood standing between them.
3. They both cut in the middle (not exact but enough to give space for another to cut the same piece of wood quite near)
4. Then they go to each own end and puch the piece together and repeat the system.

So for those who doesn't get my methaphorical game here it is: Axes means reason for NO or OPPOSITE, wooden piece is their disstance between them (emotinal), by cutting each own middle they create a space of free air, well one chunk falls on the ground if each one is cutting their own middle on same piece, right? By showing a little affection to eachother, the push, those two own halfs together making one pice which is shorter then original, and by repeating all over means, well they just get closer! In their case, they can't realy help it altho they're trying not to fell in love with eachother, they're think more about it.

More you fight it, sooner it will prevail, you can't kill the animal and feelings wich are burning like phonix fire, even killed can be regained. Don't fight it unless you'll start to like it.

Prospect and Unity,
Your dear friend Samael

četrtek, 25. februar 2010

Revolution and Rebellion

There is a slight difference in these two meanings, but Revolution starts with Rebeling against something - usually or changing the ways that were before.

However I have in mind forced Revolutions, changing ways with the blood stains all over it. If I remember you all that we were learned about two major Revolutions in history, Soviet - past Bolsheviks mostly, in 20. century AND French Revolution in 18. century, before there were mostly small farmer rebelions in Dark Age, and before christs major uprisings and downfalls which happened trough history of war. And these days you see attempts of terrorist sweaping the globe trying to rebel against the system against everything for what modern p erson is living for.

Now if we ask ourselves: Is a big change good? Is Rebellion or Revolution good in hostile way?

Yes, It is good for those who demand it, for those who are willing to sacrify everything and if there is a chance even if its 1% that they will prevail in the end, he'll be rewarded with the change he fought far... I didn't say reward will be good...

I think enforcing the change is good for people kind, generaly, makes them move not being dull and stupid, fallowing every step everywhere. The make them think outside of the borders of modern sanity and morals. People won't move on their own they need a good reason to do so AND enviorment + supplies to finance the whole thing.

Ture that rebeling is stupid and its a dead end but in the end, noone will say you didn't tried to change anything. They will judge you if you fail, they will praise you if you achive the goal and after you're gone again, they'll judge you some more. Every person that has enforce a change good or bad, made humanity richer and smarter for his great, evil, good deed. Imagin if there wouldn't be any Lenin? Napoleon? Hitler? Daley Lama? Tito? Henrik 8th? Bil Laden? these man all made their own way of Revolution for which they're known fot their deeds, they're mostly marked as BAD, EVIL, GOOD - I don't take them any of that, I only say with out even one, we might not posses the knowladge that we do now and for which there mostly was a hard lesson to learn - noone said its going to be easy.

My personal view on certain men up there is not possitive, because my morals which are implanted with history and morals of modern person. Its a knowladge, good one, meaning nothing like this should happened again. Even tho we're learned to see things as they are we mostly forget the bigger picture of everything, thats why we're so narrow in knowladge, I say make your own revolution and look behind borders of morals and even if that means putting your sanity on the edge.

Revolution learns us, but it doesn't bring good in log term, the old goverment will be replaced with new meaning, they may work different way but they're gonna work for the same thing in long term. ^^ Long terms and short terms of rebellions and revolution, check and judge for yourself.

torek, 23. februar 2010

FEAR of dying

DEATH the only secrect that is bugging people of all stages, knowladges, and status. Meaning we all have to face it no matter how hard we want to run away, or pospone it. Its there! Its coming and you sweeties are not getting any younger! Deal with it, :P

Death in by many religions before Chirst (:D matter of speach really), have thought great about death, fear of death was something foregin something many said it was being low and without honour like you're coward. These days people are more afraid of life then death and they kill themselves with desperation in their heads which I trully think it's waste of tallent. Death and Life walks so closly together you already think its the same thing.

Life is a gift, how many have tried to have a baby, how many animals, bugs, plants, get killed durining the process of creating a new infants, seeds or generations of their own... think about life as a gift, what really is, it has its own end, nothing lasts for ever, does it now? Respect your life even if its so wrong and fcked up, you're the one whos stearing the wheel, if you're not consider this blog, as wake up call and start living your own life, saying i can't its all over and so on, is what I say coward, you shouldn't have been even borned, disrespecting nature and whole living and dying. Trully waste of space, air, and food, and TIME. So don't kill yourself have a guilt on your head sitting for things you didn't do and you should do them ASAP creating life into true gift of nature. Just think on those who doesn't even make in preselective form, think of every hardships and tries of many... think how gifted you are so you can be who you are, no matter what you are, good, bad, mass murderer, healer, priest, beliver, worker, addict, girl, boy, gay, asian, european, tall, skiny... Charish your life cuse death will visit you in one of all forms, until then have fun!

Why people are so afraid of death?
Common question, but i have few explanations about that:

1. Religion: if you're good and sacrify yourself you go to better place, if you're bad you go to where you live trough torrments beyond imagination (good one, beyond imagination, is what? Nothing if its beyond, just making fun of phrase actually, which is commonly used)
What leads to fear then?
Everyone knows that deep inside they have secrets and not everyone is a saint, which makes us human, alltho you can try be better but means that you did something u can't forgive yourself, by doing so many good deeds just to cover the feeling of that bad one you made... one or more :D Fear comes when you're raised in belive or if your culture belived or tells you when ur little this things, those who fear death means they have something unfinished for which they want to be forgiven. And its hard to accept that fact and belive it, its usually true... speaking generaly sure this is not fobias i'm talking about, but practical Fear of dying.

2. Fear itself: This is THE most powerful negative feeling that creats a chain reactions of dissliking, hate which is fear mixewd with anger, or desperation. If its hard to belive check primal insticts of living creatures, because they fear they will evovle, they will change and addpet they're forced to do so, their primal instic of fear tells them if they wont they'll be devoured and replaced. Fear makes us strong but at same time weak, its the matter of other instics which is mixed, preservation - without fear there wouldn't be any...
Fear is basic what comes from it is practicaly why you hate or avoiud someone, if he's just annoying to you means that is fueled with anger but before there had to be something that you repeled him for, and thats in your head. I've spoken to many people about this, and if you go back like:

1. I hate this guy! - Why?
2. Well hes stupid and morronic and...! - What is the reason for you think about him like that? (pure anger)
3. Well he said bad words about me when i was young... - He caused the fellings that made you sad and alone? (sadness)
4. I just don't like him... - You don't like those feeling, in fact you don't want them to repeat, right?
5. Yes, who would. - You could say almos that you fear the feelings to feel them over and over again.
6. Fear is harsh word for that. - But it is fear isn't it, all tho not so strong but it its something you don't want repeat and you feel like you're treatened with it.
7. Yes. - That my dear is also called fear, makes animals alive, to avoid danger they face for the 1th time.

Donkey doesn't go twice on ice.

ponedeljek, 22. februar 2010

Armed Assaults

... and their inncent vistims! (recent attack Nato killed 14 innocent people...)

Oke here it is, I've bee hearing from media lately the recent attack that nato airplanes killed 14 innocents in bomb strike... But it isn't only this attack mostly every bomb attack there is.

I'll explain whats the point, how I understand it:

1. Air strike considarble when putting ground units to greater risk, meaning, airstrike might be life sparing at troops, civilians and sure budget.
2. Ground units are onl to disspatch when its worth of trying to conquer or protect country or certain grounds.
3. If the locations of rebel or opposite troops are known, Airstrike is a lot simpler to do expecially when it comes to urban warfare.

So every good strategist would know that these aren't the only options that are visible there are few more but the main point is, that less money and efford is taken by simply bomb the place ^^

And not to mention that civilians who might get killed in such bomb attacks are often planted there, or forced to be there just bad light would fall on the attacker, its very common in countries from third world, which use every desperate way to fight, like dying in the quick sand - they know they're finished thats why they don't use any honour in fighting and respecting an enemy - what i call: Sad. They use innocent people to suffer in their own war they made + not to mention how many people get taken away from families, dissapeared, raped, murdered, abused, beaten? That number will never be clear expecially in war time, I wouldn't wonder if the planted the bodies so "peace Fighters" would count the bodies and show finger on one who actually gives so much damn to do something about that. Think about whos the real criminal here, 14 innocent victims which we can count or those numerous people suffering each day to day which numbers are unkown to us.

Isn't it funny when airplane bombs the place, we quickly gather info how many killed or lost was on that area, before noone even knows is someone dies there or anything else happened to him. This is pure political and psyhical preasure on those who takes actions.

I would rather die in bomb attack by accident then being in hands of ignnorant people who starts the whole thing... ^^

Yes Rico, KAABOOM... ^^